Game 1 Thoughts

Congrats to the Phillies for winning game 1 last night. Some thoughts from the parts of the game I watched…

– Cliff Lee looked really sharp. The Yankee hitters didn’t see to have a very good feel for what they want to do up there. 10 Ks will do that.
– Sabathia seems to have less control tonight, but made it work.
– Umpiring controversy in the 5th, but thankfully they got that call right.
– Chase Utley is a simply amazing player. 2 HRs last night. Hopefully everyone is getting a feel for how good he really is.
– ESPN provided a really interesting stat: Lee was the first pitcher to have 10 K, 0 BB, and 0 ER in a World Series start. He was also the first to have 10 K and 0 BB in a World Series game 1 in 106 years.

I had hoped it would be a good pitching matchup, and was definitely not disappointed. Sabathia pitched well enough to win on most days, but ran into the buzzsaw that is Cliff Lee.

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