Weekly Links

Once a week, I will be posting articles and links that I found interesting related to baseball.

– Baseball America has begun posting its organizational top 10 prospects. They started with Atlanta. For more in-depth information, you’ll need to subscribe. It does give some good basic info though.
– One of the Philadelphia papers made a mistake. Not a particularly good one either. After losing both games at home, I’d probably be pretty upset too.
– Jorge Says No! is starting a series of columns reviewing some of the worst contracts in baseball, beginning with Jake Westbrook. Interesting read, and I’m looking forward to the future columns as well.
-Yawkey Way Academy looks at what it would take for the Red Sox to acquire Javy Vasquez from the Braves. I love these “what-if” articles. Always fun to play the GM. (Thanks to OvertheMonster for the link)
Vicente Padilla apparently has a small problem. But he’s going to be fine, and apparently there’s interest from the Dodgers in him returning next season.

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