World Series Thoughts

Been a bit busy, and didn’t get to catch anything but the highlights for Game 5…

  • Chase Utley is hopefully becoming a household name. He’s played extremely well, and if the Phillies do manage to come back and win this Series, he’s a lock for MVP.
  • Game 6’s matchup, when I first heard it, made me initially think Red Sox-Yankees. Guess Pedro really was known for that, even more than I thought previously.
  • I would love to see the Phillies win tonight, and force a game 7 tomorrow. I love seeing games where they will throw anyone and everyone out there if need be.
  • It has been a much better and more interesting World Series than I thought it would be initially. As much as it annoys me that the Yankees may very well have purchased this title, the players on the field still have to execute.

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