Some Other Moves from Last Week

Now that the World Series is over, we will start seeing a flurry of transactions in the coming days. Last week was no exception. I’ve already discussed the J.J. Hardy-Carlos Gomez trade, but wanted to make mention of some of the other moves completed last week.

Philadelphia exercised Cliff Lee’s 2010 option. No surprise here. Cliff pitched amazingly down the stretch for the Phillies. Now they need to start working on a contract extension and keep him there even longer.
Manny Ramirez will return to the Dodgers on his exercised option. Also not a huge surprise to me here. Manny likes it in Los Angeles, and probably knew that he would never get $20 million on the open market this season.
Brandon Webb had his 2010 option exercised as well. Based on how much the buyout was ($2 M), it wasn’t a huge surprise that it was picked up. Well worth the risk in my opinion.
Jermaine Dye had his option for 2010 bought out, and became a free agent. He’ll catch on somewhere, as he is still a productive outfielder. Just not at the price of his 2010 option.


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