NL MVP in Review

Without much surprise, Albert Pujols was announced as a repeat winner of the NL MVP award. Unanimous this time, Pujols led the National League in homeruns (47), runs (124), OBP (.443), slugging (.658), total bases (374), and intentional walks (44). This while also hitting .327, with 135 rbis, 45 doubles, and almost twice as many walks as strikeouts (115 to 64).

Voting (First)

Pujols – 448 (32)
Hanley Ramirez – 233
Ryan Howard – 217
Prince Fielder – 203
Troy Tulowitzki – 172
Andre Ethier – 113
Pablo Sandoval – 89
Chase Utley – 84
Derrek Lee – 66
Matt Kemp – 49
Ryan Braun – 43

No real issue with the voting, as a lot of top players for this season ended up at the top of the voting. Further down the voting, I always wonder when I see things like this:

Jeremy Affeldt – 1

Now, Affeldt had a very good year. And he was definitely of some good value to his team. But the 10th most valuable player in the National League? That seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

Later today, I should have an article up about Pujols in the context of history.


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