Hall of Fame Eligible Players Review

I’m starting a new series today, and I’ll be going over the list of players on this year’s ballot for the Hall of Fame, and analyzing the ones who I believe have at least a reasonable chance of being inducted. The complete ballot can be viewed here.

Here’s the schedule:

12/4: Jack Morris
12/7: Mark McGwire
12/9: Edgar Martinez
12/11: Fred McGriff
12/14: Harold Baines
12/16: Barry Larkin
12/18: Bert Blyleven
12/21: Roberto Alomar
12/23: Andre Dawson
12/25: Tim Raines
12/28: My Hall of Fame Ballot


One response to “Hall of Fame Eligible Players Review

  1. Aw man, have to wait until 12/23 for your thoughts on Andre Dawson. That's alright, I'll be interested in your point of view on each player.CharleyAndre Dawson for the Hall of Famehttp://www.hawk4thehall.blogspot.com

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