Hall of Fame Ballot Review – Summary

A recap of the Hall of Fame Ballot Review Series:

12/4: Jack Morris – NO
12/7: Mark McGwire – YES
12/9: Edgar Martinez – YES
12/11: Fred McGriff – YES
12/14: Harold Baines – NO
12/16: Barry Larkin – NO
12/18: Bert Blyleven – YES
12/21: Roberto Alomar – YES
12/23: Andre Dawson – YES
12/25: Tim Raines – NO [whoops] YES

Overall, it has been an interesting experiment in research. With the exception of Blyleven, all of these players careers finished during a time when I was really watching and following a lot of baseball. It was really interesting to me to see just how much the numbers tell you, and what my memory of them serves. I understand why they have the requirement that a writer must be a member of the BBWAA for at least 10 years prior to being allowed to vote.

Comments about my ballot, defenses as to why you think some of my NO votes should be YES votes? Definitely post it in the comments.

On New Year’s Day, I’ll be starting another series, this time reviewing a top prospect from each team’s minor league system. More information to follow about that.


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