The Writers Vote in Dawson… and No One Else…

My very first reaction to the voting is this: What an unbelievable failure.

Congratulations to Dawson, a player who I definitely think believe they got right. As I wrote about here.

The full voting: (courtesy of the Baseball Hall of Fame’s website)

405 votes needed for election (out of 539) (along with my vote, not that it counts for much)

Dawson – 420 (77%) – YES
Blyleven – 400 (74.3%) – YES
Alomar – 397 (73.7%) – YES
Morris – 282 (52.3%) – NO
Larkin – 278 (51.6%) – NO
Martinez – 195 (36.2%) – YES
Raines – 164 (30.4%) – YES
McGwire – 128 (23.7%) – YES
McGriff – 116 (21.5%) – YES
Mattingly – 87 (16.1%)
Parker – 82 (15.2%)
Murphy – 63 (11.7%)
Baines – 33 (6.1%) – NO

The following are off the ballot going forward:
Galarraga – 22 (4.1%)
Ventura – 7 (1.3%)
Burks, Karros – 2 (0.4%)
Appier, Hentgen, Segui –  1 (0.2%)
Jackson, Lankford, Reynolds, Zeile – 0

I am really, really surprised that both Blyleven and Alomar got as close as they did, but didn’t make it in. I’m really left with 3 things from this voting:

  1. Who on earth voted for Eric Karros, Kevin Appier, Pat Hentgen, and David Segui?
  2. What are the odds of who is left from this year getting in to the Hall in the future?
  3. Why did 5 people think that no one was worthy of being in the Hall at all?

There seems to be a lot of commenting that there are some voters that think that there is a difference between first ballot hall of famers, and all other hall of famers. Last I checked, the rooms at the Hall of Fame are exactly the same regardless of whether you get in with your first chance or your 15th.

I am well aware that the voters are required to have been a member of the BBWAA for a minimum of 10 years to get a vote. And I am also well aware that quite a few of them either seem, or do take their votes extremely seriously. But it really seems to me that out of the 539, there are a few are either not taking them very seriously, or are looking for attention.

All in all, I think that the saddest part is that, as seems to be the norm for the voting at this point, the process is overshadowing the electees. We should be talking about how great Dawson was, and how deserving he is of this award. And yet, a majority of the stories written tomorrow will undoubtedly be about the facts related to the process of voting, and another call for changes will be made.

You can check out all of the players I reviewed for Hall of Fame consideration at the top of the page under the Hall of Fame Ballot Review 2009.


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