Trade Review – OAK/SD

Oakland Athletics acquire 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff
San Diego Padres acquire OF Scott Hairston and OF Aaron Cunningham

The San Diego Padres

The Padres take a bit of depth in Kouzmanoff, and turn him into a pair of useful outfielders that will help them. Moving Kouzmanoff allows them to move Chase Headley back to 3B, and plug either of the newly acquired outfielders into LF, and allow the other to play CF, moving Will Venable to a 4th outfielder role if they so desire.

The Oakland Athletics

The A’s have added another third baseman, and another very good fielder. Kouzmanoff posted the 8th best UZR rating at 3B last season, and his acquisition fits well with the A’s decision to acquire some players who are solid fielders. Kouzmanoff also brings some pop to the lineup, having hit 18+ homers in each of the last 3 seasons. He’s a bit of a break from the usual OBP machines that the A’s have been known for in the past, but Moneyball was never about OBP, it was about exploiting market inefficiencies. The A’s are apparently going to be receiving a prospect to go with Kouzmanoff,

The A’s are really gathering quite a bit of players at this point. Between 1B, 3B, OF, and DH, they now have the following on the roster: Daric Barton, Jake Fox, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Eric Chavez, Dallas McPherson, Rajai Davis, Jack Cust, Ryan Sweeney, Coco Crisp, and Michael Taylor. So if there are problems out of spring training, they have some depth to fall back on here.

Overall Review

I think that this trade is essentially moving excess parts for both teams. It allows them both to move some depth and fill needs from other positions. I actually like this trade pretty equally for both teams.


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