Recap of the Prospect Reviews

Well, I’ve now completed all of the prospect reviews for this off-season . I wanted to do this series because there’s a lot of information out there about prospects, and not necessarily all in a nicely formatted source. So what have I learned?

  • Next year, I’m going to refrain from looking at any prospects who were drafted out of high school and had minimal professional experience. (Shelby Miller, Jacob Turner)
  • Pitchers are a lot more difficult to scout and learn about, as their results aren’t always easily determined by the statistics alone.
  • Prospects are extremely interesting to learn and read about, as it provides hope for an organization. You look at a team like the Reds, who haven’t had a lot of success at the Major League level, and see that with good development there will be players coming who can help even more.
  • With the exception of the very top flight prospects (like say, top 5 in the game), there’s always disagreement among experts, well-informed fans, and regular run-of-the-mill fans about what a prospect will do and where they rank among their counterparts.

With that in mind, I provide my list of my top-10 prospects.

My Overall Top 10 Prospects entering the 2010 season

Rank Name
1 Jason Heyward (OF) ATL
2 Stephen Strasburg (P) WAS
3 Mike Stanton (OF) FLA
4 Buster Posey (C) SF
5 Jesus Montero (C/DH) NYY
6 Carlos Santana (C) CLE
7 Brian Matusz (SP) BAL
8 Justin Smoak (1B) TEX
9 Desmond Jennings (OF) TAM
10 Pedro Alvarez (3B) PIT

When it comes to ranking prospects, I try to look at the whole of their game, and determine that if I were given a choice between 2 specific prospects, whichever one I would want more will be in front.

What’s Next for Jason’s Baseball Blog

I’ve really liked how the structure of a series keeps me writing on a consistent basis, with set guidelines for when posts need to be completed by me. As a result, I have decided to do three series from now until Opening Day:

  • Free Agency Review by Position – Basically just a review of the free agents who signed and their contracts, and some of my thoughts on them.
  • Fantasy Preview by Position – I’m an avid fantasy baseball player, and am working on my fantasy rankings. My plan is to write up each position with either a top-15 or top-20 rankings.
  • Team Previews – My writeups of each team and their strengths/weaknesses/changes for the 2010 season, and how I think they’ll perform.

Thanks to everyone who’s been providing comments and general well-wishes on this project. I’ve really enjoyed writing to this point, and am looking forward to continuing to do so.


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