2010 Season Preview and Awards Picks

Well, Opening Day is finally upon us, and I’ve been reviewing each team and their chances for a playoff run.

To review, my predictions for playoff teams:

American League

East: New York Yankees (1)
Central: Minnesota Twins (3)
West: Seattle Mariners (2)

Wild Card: Boston Red Sox (4)

National League

East: Philadelphia Phillies (1)
Central: Chicago Cubs (3)
West: Los Angeles Dodgers (2)

Wild Card: St. Louis Cardinals (4)

So, my playoff matchups are (winners in bold)

Boston Red Sox at Seattle Mariners
Minnesota Twins at New York Yankees

St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia Phillies
Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles Dodgers

League Championships

Seattle Mariners at New York Yankees

Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia Phillies

World Series

Seattle Mariners vs. Philadelphia Phillies

I think that the Phillies will be just too strong once they make it to the playoffs. Roy Halladay will carry them a long way.

Awards Predictions

American League Rookie of the Year – Brian Matusz (P) – BAL
American League Manager of the Year – Don Wakamatsu – SEA
American League Cy Young Award – Felix Hernandez – SEA
American League MVP – Kevin Youkilis (1B) – BOS

National League Rookie of the Year – Jason Heyward (OF) – ATL
National League Manager of the Year – Lou Piniella – CHC
National League Cy Young Award – Roy Halladay – PHI
National League MVP – Albert Pujols (1B) – STL

Yeah, I know that some of these were pretty easy (especially the Halladay and Pujols choices), but I just can’t see a way that they will be unseated unless they get injured. I think that both Matusz and Heyward will spend the full season as key players for their teams as well. And I think that the AL MVP race is wide open, hence my choice of Youkilis. I think he’s likely to be the key to the Red Sox success, and with the Yankees having multiple candidates, they will take votes from each other.

Opening Day is tomorrow, and it feels like it has been a long offseason.

What’s Next

As the season has now arrived, it’s time for some additional topics. I’m still going to be writing about baseball, but going a little more in depth on some other topics.

Planned articles:

  • Trade Retrospectives: Looking back on some of the major trades that have happened and looking at how they ended up playing out after the trade was done.
  • Player Evaluation: I don’t know a lot about how scouting works, but I’d like to learn and will be going over what I learn here.
  • Statistical Analysis: The other major portion of player evaluation, I know some things about some of the more common statistical analysis tools, but also want to learn more about it as well.
  • Weekly Links and Top Performers: There’s a lot of really good writers out there providing baseball content, and I’m planning to help share some of them.
  • Book Reviews and the History of Baseball: Baseball is one of the few sports that has an extremely long history here, and there’s also a lot of interesting history out there as well.

Thanks again to all the readers out there!

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