Statistical Analysis: wOBA

I had planned on researching and writing up weighted On Base Percentage, but I found after doing that research that I couldn’t write it up any better than some of my reading. So instead here’s what I’ve found, and they’re definitely some excellent reads.

From The Book: Tom Tango’s article about wOBA

From Fangraphs: Dave Cameron’s writeup about wOBA

From Yahoo: Alex Remington’s writeup about wOBA

From SBNation.Com’s Bless You Boys: Saber 101: wOBA

From Saberlibrary: wOBA

The long and short of wOBA is this: It takes into account both OBP and slugging percentage when evaluating a hitter and his ability to provide value to his team. It also works with the league average player as well. The key is that this helps to value properly players who get on  base a lot and also hit for non-home run power. A player who hits doubles and triples but very few homeruns still has a lot of value to a team.

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