Quick Review of the Links

I wanted to write a quick post talking about the links on the sidebar here, and why I like some of these websites.

3 True Outcomes – A relatively new blog, he covers a lot of general topics regarding baseball, and has some pretty good takes on the topics he writes about. His most recent post about the passing of Jose Lima was very good.

Baseball Reference – Baseball Reference is essentially the online version of the old Baseball Encyclopedia, only with more information than you could ever use. I refer to them a lot when looking at player information, but they also have information about nearly every topic related to baseball and its’ history. If you haven’t been over there before, I highly recommend it.

Cot’s Baseball Contracts – A clearing house for all baseball information related to player and manager contracts, it’s an excellent source of information for those topics. Whenever I need to find out about a player’s salary, their arbitration status, etc, this is my main source.

Fangraphs – Another great source for player information, but these guys are more stat-head. I generally go to them for advanced statistics and ratios.

Love My Team – Johanna Wagner is a baseball writer who also has written a book about the season she spent traveling to all 30 MLB stadiums. She has some good takes on the things that happen during the season, and has some other writers who help to write about some of the other topics as well.

MLB Depth Charts – Jason Martinez and his staff do an excellent job of keeping their pages up to date with the latest MLB transactions. He also includes a downloadable spreadsheet that includes a lot more information about the organizations and the players as a whole. I rely on their page to keep me up to date on the effects of roster moves made by the teams.

The Hall of Very Good – A blog that writes about baseball in general, but also specializes in the Hall of Fame and the qualifications of the players who are eligible. I specifically enjoy their series each year where they discuss the credentials of each eligible player for the Hall, and what their vote would be. They actually used my HOF ballot review of Tim Raines for their series last year.

Fake Teams – Fake Teams is the fantasy page over at SBNation.Com. I actually write for this website also, and our goal is to provide excellent fantasy advice and analysis. Check it out if you’re looking for info on that.

Most of the minor league links specialize in their specific teams and the minor leaguers in that system, but there are a few who are a bit more generalized.

Andy Seiler’s MLB Draft Blog – Andy does an excellent job of covering the MLB Draft and the players involved in it. Whenever I need information about a player that could be drafted, I start there.

John Sickels’ Minor League Blog – The SBNation’s blog about the minor leagues, they (along with John and his wife) have some excellent analysis and an extremely active community of users.

Minor League Splits – These guys track minor league players stats and a numerous amount of their splits during the season.

Prospect Tube – The website posts nothing but video of minor league players. It’s extremely helpful to see other players to help scout them. I really find it good to watch pitchers so that I can see their movement and windup.


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