Draft Previews

I don’t generally do a whole lot of research about the amateur draft, mostly because with the exception of the very top picks, there are rarely players who have an immediate impact at the Major League level. That said, it is nice to see what the experts are saying. The information is usually good to have for fantasy keeper leagues, and to find out what your own team is doing. So here’s some articles from some well-respected authors regarding their predictions for the draft.

The draft is next week, and for those not familiar, is for amateur players from the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. High school seniors, and generally 4-year college players who have played through their junior year are eligible to be drafted. There are some more rules that help to define it further, but that’s the basics of it. I do also know that Junior College players are eligible in some shape or form, as the widely viewed top pick this season will be Bryce Harper, a freshman from the College of Southern Nevada.

The Links

AOL Fanhouse writer Frankie Piliere was a scout for the Rangers prior to writing for AOL, and has his most recent version of the first round mocked here.

Keith Law is ESPN’s expert on all things draft and minor leagues (among others), and has his most recent version of the first round here (Insider required)

MLB.com has quite a bit of coverage, which you can find here. They also have breakdowns of draft prospects by position group, and also writer Jonathan Mayo wrote up his top 20 picks prediction last week.

Interestingly, my A’s have the 10th pick, and all 3 of these mock drafts have a different player going there. I will be interested to see where each of those 3 players end up, as the A’s are only going to get one at most.

I will leave you with one more, if you’re looking for a lot more information. Andy Seiler was recently brought to SBNation.com to provide blog coverage of the MLB Draft year round. As someone who was reading his blog from time to time prior to his moving, I have to say I’m extremely impressed with the coverage he provides. Extremely in-depth. You can find his writing here.


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