Week in Review – September 13 – September 19

If the Playoffs Started Today

Tampa Bay Rays (8) (89-59) vs. Minnesota Twins (5) (89-60)
Texas Rangers (6) (83-65) vs. New York Yankees (14) (90-59)

Atlanta Braves (11) (86-64) vs. Cincinnati Reds (8) (84-66)
San Francisco Giants (13) (84-66) vs. Philadelphia Phillies (10) (89-61)

League Leaders

Batting Average – Josh Hamilton (TEX) .361
Runs – Mark Teixeira (NYY) 104
Home Runs – Jose Bautista (TOR) 49
Runs Batted In – Miguel Cabrera (DET) 118
Stolen Bases – Juan Pierre (CHW) 58

Wins –  C.C. Sabathia (NYY) 20
Saves – Rafael Soriano (TAM), Brian Wilson (SF) 43
ERA – Josh Johnson (FLA) 2.30
Strikeouts – Felix Hernandez 222
WHIP – Cliff Lee (TEX) 1.01

Roster Movement

Return from the Disabled List:  Andy Pettitte

To the Minors: Mike Ekstrom

Called Up: Kevin Russo, Juan Miranda, Jared Burton, Rich Hill, Konrad Schmidt, Chris Carter, Vin Mazzaro, Josh Donaldson, Jake McGee, Brent Sinkbeil, Eric Sogard, Guillermo Quiroz, Kyle Drabek, Royce Ring,

Other Roster Moves:

Top Stories and Weekly Links

  • It was announced on Friday that the Dodgers’ manager for 2011 will be Don Mattingly, and that Joe Torre will be retiring from the Dodgers. I think that honestly, Joe Torre is probably going to be managing somewhere else next season, and that he has simply had enough of the drama that surrounds the Dodgers. Mattingly should be an interesting fit for the Dodgers, and I look forward to seeing what he can do as a manager next year.
  • Troy Tulowitzki has been white hot for the entire month of September, as he now has 12 homeruns in the month and is helping Carlos Gonzalez to lead the Rockies right back into the playoff race in the NL West.
  • Jose Bautista continues to mash homeruns at an epic rate, and has 48 through Friday’s games. I don’t know if it will continue next season, but the power seems legitimate.
  • Bit of a scary moment on Sunday when Tyler Colvin was hit with a piece of a shattered bat, and had the bat piece pierce his chest. Colvin will miss the remainder of the season, and I’m wondering if this will spark more debate about what to do about these maple bats.
  • Nyjer Morgan had his suspensions totaling 15 games reduced to a total of 8 games, and it seems to me like he got off pretty lucky. The two suspensions seem unlikely to have been reduced to 4 games each had they been separated by more time.
  • Misc. Baseball had a great article about Jim Thome and his rapid ascent to the Majors. Well worth the read.
  • Baseball Past and Present has been doing a very interesting series where they take a player and discuss what era might have been perfect for him. One of the posts that stood out to me was his post about Rickey Henderson.
  • The Baseball Journeyman wrote up his visit to the Louisville Slugger museum, and it’s a place I would still love to visit someday. We were probably as close as we were going to get back in February, but couldn’t quite get it done.

Upcoming Posts The Next Week:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: I’ll be finishing the Original Draft Series with Teams #2 and #1, along with a review post of what I found when I did this project.

Saturday:  I’ll be finishing the trade retro series for the season with the 4th and final post from the Marlins Firesale group.

One Other Thing

Lastly, I wanted to bring up a charity that the Baseball Bloggers Alliance has taken up. Here’s the official word, and what you can do:

Pitch In For Baseball is delighted to have been selected to participate in State Farm’s ‘Go To Bat’ campaign.  Now we need your

‘Go To Bat’ was launched nationally during the State Farm Home Run Derby.  ’Go To Bat’ gives entrants a chance to win tickets to the upcoming World Series and selected charity partners the chance to receive significant financial support.

Here’s how to play and how to help Pitch In For Baseball:

* Go to  www.statefarm.com/gotobat to register for your chance to win World Series tickets.
* As you register, you will get a chance to designate a charity that could win up to $25,000/week.
* To designate Pitch In For Baseball as your charity, select PUBLIC GOOD as the charity category and then choose Pitch In For
Baseball from the drop down list.
* Revisit www.statefarm.com/gotobat each day and play the ‘Go To Bat’ online game to increase your chances for tickets and Pitch In For
Baseball’s chance at financial support

Thanks to all the readers who help out with this. You can find a lot more information about Pitch In For Baseball at their website

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  1. Each of your posts are so informative and well organized. Thanks for sharing the other blogs for us to take a look at. They sound interesting. Nice job, Bill (The On Deck Circle)

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