Original Draft Series in Review

It’s taken nearly 3 months, but the Original Draft Series was completed yesterday with the post about the #1 team, the Atlanta Braves. So what have we learned?

You can find the list of posts here

1. There are some teams that are very, very good at identifying talent.

There are quite a few teams who were able to identify players who had the potential to be Major Leaguers, but for whatever reason were unable to establish themselves with that organization.

2. There are some teams that are extremely bad at identifying talent as well.

Having looked through these teams’ drafts and international signings, it is abundantly clear as to why they have been terrible for so long.

3. Having money to spend is not necessarily a harbinger of being good at identifying young talent.

If you look at the teams on the list, the small market teams are not necessarily at the bottom, and the big market teams aren’t necessarily at the top.

Overall, I feel like this has been a very interesting experiment, and is something to look into again in about 5 years or so, as there were organizations who probably would have been better 5 years ago. While it doesn’t explain how a team does overall, it can be a very interesting group of notes to put together with other developmental pieces.


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