Playoff Predictions

Well, the playoff games start tomorrow night, and here’s my predictions for how they will play out from here:

Tampa Bay over Texas in 4

New York over Minnesota in 5

Philadelphia over Cincinnati in 4

San Francisco over Atlanta in 4

For the Championship Series:

Tampa Bay over New York in 6

Philadelphia over San Francisco in 7

And the World Series:

Philadelphia over Tampa Bay in 6

Of course, I’ll probably be wrong somewhere along the line. Either way, once the first round is over I will do another set of predictions for the LCS and World Series (Hopefully I won’t have to make any changes!)

4 responses to “Playoff Predictions

  1. Same predictions as mine.
    Let’s hope that the World Series is NOT Tampa Bay vs. Atlanta, or we’ll see the lowest World Series T.V. ratings in history.
    Regards, Bill

  2. Probably their best hope overall for ratings is either New York-San Francisco or New York-Philadelphia. But what fun is that? I think honestly that they need to find a way to do a better job of marketing the smaller teams as well as the big market teams have done for themselves.

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