My World Series Prediction

Well, this wasn’t quite what I had thought would happen at the beginning of the playoffs. But since it is no further off really than I was during Spring Training, I think I’ll be alright and just make my predictions for the World Series:

How the Rangers Will Win

They have to continue to hit like they did in the ALCS and the ALDS before that. Their pitching, while decent, is not good enough to carry them all the way throughout this series. Cliff Lee may be the best pitcher in this series, and Josh Hamilton is the best player overall in the series as well. They will need excellent performances from both of these players to have any chance of winning the World Series.

How the Giants Will Win

Their pitching, from 1 to 4 in the starting rotation, is better than the Rangers’ staff. They are leading off with 2-time reigning Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum, and then following it up with the quietly good Matt Cain. This team’s offense is highly unlikely to carry this team if it struggles, as they generally do not hit for a lot of power.

How I Think it Will Go

With that said, who do I think wins this series? I think that it ends up being the Rangers in 6 games, as Cliff Lee makes 2 starts and gets two of the wins himself. Josh Hamilton ends up adding a World Series MVP to his LCS MVP award, and it has more to do with the Giants’ inability to string a fair amount of hits together as opposed to the Rangers being dominant.

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