Fantasy Rankings in Review – Catchers

Back in February, I took my first shot at attempting to rank players for fantasy purposes. After a full season, I thought it wise to take a look back at how they went, and compare them to how it actually turned out and see if there is anything to be gained from it, starting with catchers.

From my preseason rankings, Ryan Doumit (17), Matt Wieters (18), Miguel Montero (19), and Russell Martin (25) all made the top 25. Bengie Molina and Chris Iannetta were the only two of my top 15 to not make the top 25 at the end of the season.

Free Agents: Victor Martinez, Bengie Molina, John Buck, Miguel Olivo, A.J. Pierzynski, Yorvit Torrealba, Ramon Hernandez

What We Saw

Buster Posey is going to be very, very good, and may even be better than was expected for fantasy. He finished 4th this season in the rankings despite missing almost the entire first 2 months by being at AAA. I think that he’s a very good candidate to unseat one of the top 3 catchers in 2011.

It was a lost season for Miguel Montero, as he missed a majority of the season with injuries, but the Diamondbacks have fully committed to him after trading Chris Snyder to the Pirates during the season. I believe he is going to be a potential sleeper next season, as he may fall down in rankings due to the missed time. He probably wouldn’t be in my top 5 for next season, but he should still be owned in standard leagues.

Mike Napoli will be someone who is drafted too high if he remains with the Angels. There won’t be as many places to play him next year with Kendry Morales returning from his leg injury and manning 1B. But it has already been rumored that the Angels may be looking to trade Napoli and stick with Jeff Mathis instead. I think that if he ends up as a full-time starting catcher, he’ll be a top 5 catcher for fantasy in 2011.

I am really interested to see where John Buck lands. It seems unlikely that he will remain in Toronto, but the way he played makes me believe someone is going to give him a shot at a full time starting job. If he can get that, he should end up as a top 10 catcher.

Chris Iannetta is really going to have to earn his job again, after losing it pretty quickly to Miguel Olivo. Although Olivo was traded (and ended up as a free agent), I don’t think that the Rockies really trust Iannetta, but are stuck with him because of the contract he signed.

Russell Martin has essentially managed to play himself out of a job at this point, and I’d be shocked if the Dodgers tendered him a contract in December.

Matt Wieters will need to try to build on his tough 2010 season, where it seemed that he was very inconsistent. I think it’s too early to give up on him yet, but he will definitely fall in most rankings.

Preliminary 2011 Rankings (Very Raw)

  1. Joe Mauer
  2. Victor Martinez
  3. Buster Posey
  4. Brian McCann
  5. Mike Napoli
  6. Carlos Santana
  7. Geovany Soto
  8. Miguel Montero
  9. Kurt Suzuki
  10. John Buck

Deeper League Plays: J.P. Arencibia, Carlos Ruiz, Ryan Doumit, John Jaso

One response to “Fantasy Rankings in Review – Catchers

  1. I like Carlos Santana very much. I’d be very happy to have him on my fantasy team next year. Russell Martin somehow morphed into Jason Kendall. I would love to see the Red Sox land John Buck.

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