Fantasy Rankings in Review – Second Basemen

Back in February, I took my first shot at attempting to rank players for fantasy purposes. After a full season, I thought it wise to take a look back at how they went, and compare them to how it actually turned out and see if there is anything to be gained from it. Next up is the review of my 2B rankings.

My Preseason Rankings

1.     Chase Utley
2.     Ian Kinsler
3.     Ben Zobrist
4.     Brandon Phillips
5.     Brian Roberts
6.     Dan Uggla
7.     Aaron Hill
8.     Dustin Pedroia
9.     Gordon Beckham
10.  Robinson Cano
11.  Jose Lopez
12.  Asdrubal Cabrera
13.  Ian Stewart
14.  Howie Kendrick
15.  Mark Ellis

Yahoo’s Final Rankings (Top 15)

1.     Robinson Cano
2.     Dan Uggla
3.     Rickie Weeks
4.     Kelly Johnson
5.     Martin Prado
6.     Casey McGehee
7.     Brandon Phillips
8.     Chase Utley
9.     Howie Kendrick
10.  Marco Scutaro
11.  Ben Zobrist
12.  Omar Infante
13.  Juan Uribe
14.  Placido Polanco
15.  Ian Kinsler

I also mentioned Casey McGehee and Rickie Weeks as interesting players, but had playing time concerns (health and otherwise)

From my preseason rankings, Dustin Pedroia (25) finished in the top 25. Brian Roberts, Aaron Hill, Gordon Beckham, Jose Lopez, Asdrubal Cabrera, Ian Stewart, and Mark Ellis did not make the top 25 at the end of the season.

Free Agents: Juan Uribe, Jose Lopez, Orlando Hudson

What We Saw

Boy, what a mess second base was this year. The consensus top player (Utley) missed time due to injuries, and struggled at time as well. Ben Zobrist had a decent season, but nowhere near his breakout campaign of 2009, and the power he showed then appeared to have left him now. Brian Roberts missed practically the entire season, and injuries to Ian Kinsler, Dustin Pedroia, Asdrubal Cabrera and Ian Stewart all created significant gaps in fantasy lineups. Even the unexpected shift by the Mariners of Chone Figgins to 2B couldn’t help the depth here. But there was still a lot of good news.

This was the season in which Rickie  Weeks was finally able to stay healthy the full season, and we saw what the potential had always been. Dan Uggla continued to hit for power, and even managed to keep his batting average high all year as well. There were players who could be of interest next year who were just outside the top 15, including Neil Walker of the Pirates and Ryan Raburn of the Tigers. Unfortunately, 2010’s #6 2B (McGehee) will be losing his eligibility at the position. That said, there are still solid options up and down the rankings for 2B for 2011.

Preliminary 2011 Rankings (Very Raw)

1.     Robinson Cano
2.     Chase Utley
3.     Dan Uggla
4.     Rickie Weeks
5.     Brandon Phillips
6.     Ian Kinsler
7.     Martin Prado
8.     Dustin Pedroia
9.     Howie Kendrick
10.  Neil Walker


One response to “Fantasy Rankings in Review – Second Basemen

  1. I have to believe that a healthy Dustin Pedroia will finish a lot higher than 8th overall next season. But you’re right, second base was a mess in ’10. Bill

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