Fantasy Rankings in Review: Third Basemen

Back in February, I took my first shot at attempting to rank players for fantasy purposes. After a full season, I thought it wise to take a look back at how they went, and compare them to how it actually turned out and see if there is anything to be gained from it. Next up is the review of my 3B rankings.

My Preseason Rankings

1.     Alex Rodriguez
2.     David Wright
3.     Evan Longoria
4.     Mark Reynolds
5.     Ryan Zimmerman
6.     Kevin Youkilis
7.     Aramis Ramirez
8.     Chone Figgins
9.     Pablo Sandoval
10.  Michael Young
11.  Gordon Beckham
12.  Ian Stewart
13.  Jorge Cantu
14.  Casey Blake
15.  Chipper Jones

Yahoo’s Final Rankings (Top 15)

1.     Jose Bautista
2.     Adrian Beltre
3.     Evan Longoria
4.     David Wright
5.     Alex Rodriguez
6.     Ryan Zimmerman
7.     Michael Young
8.     Martin Prado
9.     Casey McGehee
10.  Michael Cuddyer
11.  Kevin Youkilis
12.  Scott Rolen
13.  Mark Reynolds
14.  Omar Infante
15.  Chase Headley

I also mentioned Adrian Beltre, Scott Rolen, Alex Gordon, Edwin Encarnacion, Chase Headley, and Martin Prado.

From my preseason rankings, Aramis Ramirez (19), Chone Figgins (22), Pablo Sandoval (24), and Ian Stewart (25) all finished in the top 25. Gordon Beckham, Jorge Cantu, Casey Blake, and Chipper Jones all finished outside of the top 25.

Free Agents: Juan Uribe, Jorge Cantu, Miguel Tejada

What We Saw

Anyone who saw this coming out of Jose Bautista is probably lying. 54 home runs? Nobody saw that coming. The question now though is whether or not he can repeat even a portion of that production, or whether we are seeing the second coming of Brady Anderson, circa 1996.

3B was pretty shallow when you consider that Mark Reynolds had what would widely be considered a poor season, yet still finished 13th in the rankings for Yahoo. It seems more telling that Omar Infante, a part time player, finished 14th.

Adrian Beltre’s ranking for 2011 seems entirely reliant on where he goes in free agency. I think that the best case scenario is for him to go back to Boston, but that he’s likely to go where he gets the most security. As long as he doesn’t end up in another extreme pitchers’ park like Safeco, he should still have a solid year in 2011. But my ranking below reflects that possibility. I think that if he stays in Boston, he could be  as high as 4 or 5 potentially.

There are some players who could be breakout candidates in 2011, and the one with the best shot at that in my opinion is Pedro Alvarez. I think that the Pirates’ 3B will do well with a full season of playing time, and with the position already weak, he could finish as a top 10 3B.

Preliminary 2011 Rankings (Very Raw)

1.     Evan Longoria
2.     Alex Rodriguez
3.     David Wright
4.     Jose Bautista
5.     Ryan Zimmerman
6.     Michael Young
7.     Kevin Youkilis
8.     Adrian Beltre
9.     Martin Prado
10.  Pedro Alvarez

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