Weekly Links for November 19, 2010

A series I have been meaning to restart has been my weekly link dump of baseball writing that caught my eye in the past week. There is so much good writing and interesting posts out there in the blogosphere that I think it serves anyone who has a lot of interest in baseball to share things that they find out there.

A very interesting blog I found recently (via a reader at AZ SnakePit), was The Greatest 21 Days. The author, Steve, has been going through the 1990 CMC minor league baseball card set, and looking at the players and coaches represented to see how their careers progressed after that point. It’s a very interesting read to see how different each player’s progress was.

Larry Granillo over at Wezen-Ball.Com posted his Periodic Table of Hall of Famers, and I thought it was extremely well done.

Michael Jong at Marlin Maniac posted his thoughts on the Dan Uggla trade, and is pretty unhappy with how this is likely to play out for his Marlins.

Jesse over at Twinkie Town posted an interesting what-if: What if the Twins were to sign Derek Jeter this offseason? He readily admits this is highly unlikely, (and at least one part of his scenario cannot happen already), but I thought it was interesting regardless.

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