End of Year Review

I thought I’d take a few moments to write down some of what I thought went well here at Jason’s Baseball Blog, and things I plan on trying to improve on for the coming new year.

Top 5 Posts (according to Page Views)

1. Prospect Review for Brett Lawrie
2. Prospect Review for Jenrry Mejia
3. Prospect Review for Chris Carter
4. Prospect Review for Kyle Drabek
5. Prospect Review for Jaff Decker

Top 5 Most Commented Posts

1. Hall of Fame Ballot Review 2010 – Mark McGwire
2. Hall of Fame Ballot Review 2010 – Edgar Martinez
3. Hall of Fame Ballot Review 2010 – Bert Blyleven
4. Trade Review – Adrian Gonzalez to the Red Sox
5. The AL Walter Johnson Award

For the most part, my traffic has been steady right around 1500- 2000 page views per month, until the month of December where we’ve hit over 7000 page views (through Monday)! Thanks to everyone who’s been reading and commenting on my writings!

What’s Coming Up

January and February: I will be reviewing some of the top prospects from the minor leagues again this offseason. As I did last year, I will be selecting one from each organization, and am not necessarily looking to review the top prospect in the system.  In addition, I will not be reviewing any of the prospects from last year’s group this time around, but will give an update come April regarding where they will be starting their season. So if you’re looking for a review of a certain prospect, drop a comment and I will see what I can do to review them.

February and March: I will also be previewing the season for the teams again this year, although I will be looking at it in a more general manner than last year. I also plan on releasing my own fantasy rankings before the start of the season.

Ongoing: I still plan on writing up when we have major stories break throughout the baseball world, like some of the trades and major free agent signings that have been reviewed last year. In addition, I plan on starting up my trade retrospectives once the season begins, and also am hoping to continue my weekly links once the new season begins.

Another ongoing project I plan to accomplish for this year is to bring some more exposure to some of the great writing being done by Baseball Bloggers Alliance members. It has been great to be involved with them so far, and look forward to growing that relationship even more in 2011.

Overall, it’s been a very good year here at JBB, and I really just want to reiterate how much I have enjoyed with interacting with the readers, and look forward to doing more of that as the new year gets going.

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