The Next to [Insert Milestone Here]

With the Super Bowl now in the record books, I thought it would be interesting to see who will be the next players to pass some of the big milestones in 2011. Every year we see some big milestones surpassed, and this year is trending to be no exception.


  • Derek Jeter – currently sitting at 2926 hits, or 74 shy of 3000 hits for his career. In 2010, he got his 74th hit of the season on June 8th, in his 58th game of the season.
  • Ivan Rodriguez – currently at 2817 hits, 183 shy of 3000 for his career. He has not had that many hits in a season since 1999, and unless he plays substantially in both 2011 and 2012, he doesn’t seem all that likely to get there.
  • Chipper Jones – currently at 2490 hits, 10 shy of 2500 for his career. It sounded like he’s only going to play 2011, so he wouldn’t get to 3000 if he does that. His Hall of Fame case is pretty good even if he doesn’t get there though.

Home Runs

  • Alex Rodriguez sits at 613 career home runs, and will likely pass Ken Griffey Jr (630), and has an outside shot at passing Willie Mays (660) this year. He’d have to hit 47 home runs this year to do that, which isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibility.
  • Jim Thome is at 589 home runs, and will likely get to 600 career homers, and has a reasonable chance to pass Sammy Sosa for 7th on the all time list (609). Based on his playing time and stats from last year, I think he could catch Sosa since it would take 21 to pass him.
  • Manny Ramirez has 555 career home runs, and could jump as many as 3 other players if he were to hit 20 or more home runs. That number gets even higher if he hit 32 home runs this season. It seems a lot more likely though that he will hit somewhere between 15 and 20, which would would still get him past both Rafael Palmeiro and Reggie Jackson.

Stolen Bases

  • Ichiro Suzuki – Ichiro is at 383 career stolen bases, and seems like a lock to get at least 17 more this season to vault him over 400 total.


  • Tim Wakefield has 193 career wins through last year, but I am not sold that he will be able to get 7 more in the 2011 season. He is already the current active leader (excluding the injured Jamie Moyer), but Roy Halladay will likely catch him no later than mid-2012, assuming health of course.


  • Mariano Rivera has an outside shot at catching all-time leader Trevor Hoffman this season, as he currently is 42 saves behind Hoffman. More likely, he appears that he would get that number in 2012, as he only had 33 saves in 2010.


  • If you knew that Javier Vazquez was the active leader in strikeouts (behind only Jamie Moyer), you get a prize. Vazquez has 2374 strikeouts, and will pass Moyer most likely in the month of April.
  • A great season by Yankees’ ace C.C. Sabathia could put him up over the 2000 career strikeout plateau, as he needs 213 this year to hit that number.



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