Who are the Faces of their Franchise? AL Central Edition

Next up in my look at each organization’s Face of the Franchise is the AL Central…

  • White Sox – I think that at this point it has to either be Paul Konerko or Mark Buehrle. Both players have been with the team a long time, and both are known for being with the team as well. Buehrle may have gotten himself into a little bit of hot water earlier in the week regarding his comments about Michael Vick, but I think either would fit this title.
  • Indians – The Indians are a bit fluid right now. If he hadn’t been hurt last year, Grady Sizemore might have been far and away the face. Without him though, the team doesn’t have someone who immediately comes to peoples’ minds with the possible exception of Shin-Soo Choo. That said, I don’t think that he is a player who necessarily is well known outside of baseball circles.
  • Tigers – Miguel Cabrera has to be the player here, as he is far and away the best player on the team, the highest paid player on the team, and an everyday player as well. Another player who popped into my mind when I was thinking about this was Justin Verlander.
  • Royals – At the moment, they do not really have a face of the franchise. Billy Butler may be the best candidate who is on the roster right now, but until some of these prospects start making their presence known, I can’t really find one.
  • Twins – Without a doubt it has to be the local boy made good, Joe Mauer. He grew up in the Minneapolis area, signed out of high school with the team, and is currently locked in for another 8 years with the team.

2 responses to “Who are the Faces of their Franchise? AL Central Edition

  1. Without a doubt Butler is the face of the Royals. Very popular among fans and a fantastic hitter who’s still getting better. And he just signed a long term deal so he’ll be around for awhile (hopefully).

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