Who are the Faces of the Franchise? NL Central Edition

Only two divisions left to look at for the Faces of the Franchise, but there’s some definite notable ones here .

  • Cubs – At the moment, the player who is most known for being a Cub has to be Carlos Zambrano. Whether or not that is a good thing or not remains to be seen, but the team seems like it is more associated with him than some of the more famous position players like Alfonso Soriano and Aramis Ramirez.
  • Reds – It’s hard to argue that someone else besides the current NL MVP would be the face of the franchise, and I don’t really plan on doing that. Joey Votto won the MVP award last year, and the only player on the roster that I could see challenging him in the future as of right now is Jay Bruce.
  • Astros – Well, they traded Lance Berkman, and they traded Roy Oswalt. Carlos Lee probably should be the face of the franchise, based on his contract and length of time with the team, and with no other players really challenging at this point besides maybe Hunter Pence, he probably continue to be as well.
  • Brewers – With a team full of stars at this point, the Brewers really look to Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder to help lead their organization. I think that it has to be Braun, as Fielder is only signed through the 2011 season.
  • Pirates – This is an extremely young team, and as a result many of their players are not as established as some of the other organizations. The most established of their young players has to be Andrew McCutchen, although Pedro Alvarez could be poised for a huge break out this season.
  • Cardinals – Do I need to even make note of the fact that King Albert is the face here? No one is more associated with the Cardinals currently than Albert Pujols, and unless he does not resign with the team, he will continue to be.

One response to “Who are the Faces of the Franchise? NL Central Edition

  1. This article is asinine. Duh, let’s determine who the best player on a team is and call him the “face of the franchise.” What a complete waste of time. There is nothing insightful or even remotely relevant here. Who is the face of the Mariners Einstein? Hmmm… Ichiro. BTW, how can a second year player (Pedro Alvarez) be poised for a huge breakout? He has less than half a season of play in the major leagues. Wouldn’t a break out be achieved by someone who shatters their established base line stats. He doesn’t have a “norm” to break out from.

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