Transaction Reviews

One of my ongoing interests with regard to baseball is to take a look at the inner workings of the transactions that the teams do every single day.

Trade Retrospectives: I take a look at some of the larger trades in the past, and see what the long-term effects of the trade were on the teams involved. The information included in these generally includes the players teams selected with free agent compensation draft picks received, and try to look down through the history of the game to ensure I have found all the measurable effects to the teams involved.

Original Draft Series: The Original Draft Series, is a group of posts where I look at what an organization’s major league team could have looked like had they held onto every player that they either drafted or signed to their first professional contract. I looked at the players on Major League rosters, and assigned them to the team that fit that criteria, and tried to rank the teams based on the quality of the roster I was able to build.

Player Evaluation and Statistical Analysis: Back in April, I took a look at some of the tools available to general managers, and tried to get a feel for what their uses could be long term.

In addition, I did a series of posts back at the beginning of my writing regarding some of the roster rules of MLB.

The 25 Man Roster
The 40 Man Roster
The Disabled List
Free Agency
The Rule 4 Amateur Draft
The Rule 5 Professional Draft
Trades, the Trade Deadline, and Waivers

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