Trade Review – SEA/CHC

Chicago Cubs receive SP Carlos Silva and $9 M
Seattle Mariners receive OF/DH Milton Bradley

The Cubs
The Cubs had convinced themselves that they HAD to get rid of Bradley. He had become a clubhouse cancer, and the production he was providing was not worth the headache. So in moving Bradley and the $21 M they owed him over the next 2 years, they receive Carlos Silva. Silva is a pitcher who clearly had worn out his welcome last season in Seattle. After being given a 4 yr/$48 M contract by the previous general manager, Silva had been a pretty much useless pitcher for the majority of the contract to date. He went a combined 5-18 in his 2 seasons in Seattle, with an ERA over 6. The fact that the Cubs received $9 M, and make the net contract for Silva to be $15 M over the next 2 years is really the only saving grace in my opinion. But if the trade improves the feel in the clubhouse, then it may prove to be worth it.

The Mariners
The Mariners have been looking desperately for some offense. The fact that they were able to turn Carlos Silva and his bloated salary into a potentially useful player is telling of the quality of GM Jack Zduriencik. Bradley, when producing, is a top-flight outfielder capable of providing power, speed, and solid on base percentage. I believe that Bradley may have his best chance at being a non-influence in the clubhouse in Seattle. With positive influences Ken Griffey Jr, Ichiro, and Chone Figgins, at worst he should be nullified in terms of a negative clubhouse presence.

MY WINNER: Mariners


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