Hall of Fame Ballot Review – Roberto Alomar

Baseball Reference.com Profile

Career Accomplishments
2724 hits
10 Gold Gloves
4 Silver Sluggers
12 All Star Appearances (1990-2001)
2 World Series Championships
1508 Runs
OPS+ of 116

The Case for Alomar
Alomar was a very good hitter at a premium defensive position. His defensive skills were elite, and at times nothing short of amazing. He won 2 World Championships, and finished with 2724 career hits and 1508 runs.

The Case Against Alomar
His skill level dropped off precipitously during the 2002 season, and never recovered. One of the most common references to Alomar is the incident with John Hirschbeck near the end of the 1996 season.

First, I intend to ignore his behavior during the Hirschbeck incident, simply because it appears to be an isolated incident within the scope of his career, and the writers have selected players with more gaping character flaws than Alomar for induction previously.

So what do the numbers tell us? Alomar defined his position, and was an elite defender in every sense of the word. He had excellent range, a great arm, and amazing insticts for the defensive side of the game. He won 10 Gold Gloves, a record for a second baseman.

He was also an excellent hitter. He hit .300 9 times, score 100 runs 6 times, drove in 80 runs 5 times, and had a career playoff batting average of .313 along with the 2 World Championships. These are all in addition to a career .300 batting average, career hit total of 2724, run total of 1508, 474 steals, and 4 Silver Slugger awards.

While I do not believe that his offensive numbers can stand on their own, the fact that he was one of the greatest defensive second basemen to ever play the game makes it very easy for me to vote for him. He defined his position for the majority of his career, and realistically was one of the top players at any position in his era.


2 responses to “Hall of Fame Ballot Review – Roberto Alomar

  1. Agree %100. Roberto arguably is one of the greatest 2B in MLB History. Unfortunately, the Gold Glove which started in 1957, would not apply to other great players prior to that year. There have been some great 2B like Jackie Robinson, Eddie Collins, Ryan Sandberg, Joe Morgan and Rogers Hornsby. Eddie Collins was a good hitter but a poor fielder, Hornsby was great at the plate but again, poor fielding and the last (5) years of his career were not that great and Joe Morgan was just plain incredible all around. I would have to put Roberto in the top (5) of All Time because of all the tools he brought to the game everyday. Yes, the Hirschbeck incident in a political aspect, maybe kept him out of the HOF his first time around, but watching Alomar field was something to witness. Im guessing Roberto and Bert are going in this year….

  2. Agree 100%. The Hirschbeck incident should not be a factor. There are a lot of guys in the HOF because they ranted at umpires. Roberto is one of the top 2Bs in MLB history — I think only Jackie Robinson compares.

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